Ceremony Music

How to Create Custom Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

Starlight takes great pride in the music we produce for ceremonies, and the way we guide our clients through the music selection process.  The sky’s the limit when you have the expertise and willingness to make it personal and special.

We first need to determine the type of ambiance you want to create for the pre-ceremony program and processional music.  (It can be sacred and thoughtful, it can be light and bouncy, it can be romantic, spiritual, or totally upbeat.)


Next we consider who is in your bridal party and their roles are in your lives, so we can best pair musical choices with each set of marchers.

We then give you a huge range of music and offer suggestions about the different genres you can choose from.

We see what you like, and then narrow down the choices in each category. Then we choose the best instrumentation to fit the music. Voila, a customized program for your ceremony music!

Watch our blog in the weeks to come for samples of wonderful ceremony programs we created.

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