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Starlight’s Picks at the NAMM Show

As a leader in our industry of Live Music for Private Events, Starlight Orchestras stays on the cutting edge of creative solutions. While this includes ideas for repertoire, wardrobe and choreography, it also involved audio visual technology, staging and sound production. Our team gets excited every January to attend the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) to bring back new ideas for stream-lining our production and enhancing our look and sound.

As a guitar player, I was particularly interested in Fender‘s newest guitars, one-of-a-kind Telecaster boasting 1,005 diamonds, 325 pearls, 38 sapphires and 20 feet of 18-karat rose gold wire inlay. They also debuted an amazing Stained Glass Tele with an intricate LED light panel inside a multi-tiered body allowing it to glow. Other photos include the seaboard grand (keyboard), a new line array (speaker system) and cool new stage lighting fixtures.



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