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The Whoosh Factor

Whoosh iconFor most people, weddings are one of the most important days of their lives. Whether it is your own wedding or the wedding of your child, there are many decisions that go into creating a joyful, personal and meaningful event. We at Starlight Orchestras have earned the reputation of consistently delivering outstanding events. How are we able, night after night, year after year, to create the magical energy that excites and enchants? As we have cultivated our niche as a boutique music company, we have amassed years of experience and become experts in what I call “The Whoosh Factor;” that special, abstract, magical something that makes your party come alive. There is a saying that scientists can put together an entire human body; they can assemble all of the bones, muscles, organs, systems, but they can not make it breathe. What is that special nameless something that makes us come alive? It is the same with parties and events. You can assemble all of the elements, but how do you breathe life into it? Understanding this “whoosh factor” gives us the unique ability to create the energy, motion and excitement that keeps an event flowing from beginning to end.

The search for joy and meaning initiated a lifelong journey of self discovery. Dedication to creating a joyful and harmonious life has naturally led me to understand creating joyful and harmonious events. A constant thread in the Starlight community is the penchant for happiness and the commitment to creating and attracting positive energy. It is one of my goals to spread and share love and exuberance through every interaction; both onstage and off.

Many of you have seen our bands or even hired us to perform at your events. Please post your comments at the field at the bottom of every page. We welcome everyone to communicate with us, post your questions, answers ours, and let us know what you would like to hear about. Thank you for visiting our site, and I look forward to the ongoing journey.

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