Inside The World Of Starlight

What Makes Starlight’s Performances Legendary!

Starlight’s contributions to our events has been almost legendary for 20+ years.  Here are some of the reasons…

  • The THOUGHT that goes into every single element.
  • The level of talent in every chair.
  • The amount of FUN that goes on, onstage!
  • The FAMILY VIBE within the organization.
  • The love we bring to our job!
  • Because we have SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!
  • The DESIRE to outdo ourselves every time
  • Our understanding of event timing and energy flow 
  • Our uncanny ability to read the crowd and make the right choices
  • Having a strong core of experienced performers, yet still adding new performers all the time.
  • Our ability to find and train performers who will embody the Starlight spirit.
  • Taking the time to understand each of our clients, so the ultimate playlist  reflects their style.
  • Being flexible, spontaneous and willing.
  • Being capable of amazing feats of versatility.
  • Understanding that we are fusing the top level of two industries together: major events and world class entertainment.
  • We follow trends and stay current.
  • Because we never lose sight of the audience and what we are there to accomplish!
  • We are always looking to add “that special thing” that turns every performance into a big WOW!
  • Because the energy never stops spiraling back and forth between the performers and the crowd, creating a magnificent whirlwind of vibrant fun!
  • We are an ensemble and we are always rooting for and supporting our teammates!
  • Because Starlight is a culture and family. We are a community that fosters performance art geared for the upliftment of ourselves and others.
  • Because it is a personal challenge to live up to our own reputation.
  • Because we each take time to hone our craft and talent, and we practice!
  • Approaching music for private events with the SAME PROFESSIONALISM and EXPERTISE as headline concerts, Broadway shows, and Award shows (Grammy’s, VMAs, Oscars etc.)
  • Designing the right audio and technology systems for each event.
  • Our attention to the aesthetics; major attractiveness!
  • Designing our own wardrobe
  • Having the greatest Michael Jackson stylists!
  • Creating fabulous routines within the dance music
  • Knowing it takes a small army to accomplish these things and not compromising what’s needed to produce at the highest level.
  • PRE-PRODUCTION! Planning, preparing, being informed, rehearsing, creating a strong yet changeable blueprint.
  • Being open to the inspiration that surrounds us in each moment.
  • Our passion for making people happy and uplifting audiences.
  • Knowing that all music is transformational, and understanding our unique  role in helping people deepen their life experiences.


Photos: David Giordano

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