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What makes the Starlight videos special?

For the past 10 years, almost every upscale event band across the country, has created several Music Videos to promote themselves. By definition, these music videos have been fully recorded in advance, allowing the bands to lip-sync and air guitar their way to a "perfect" looking performance. Always wanting to be different and not wanting to use a manipulated product to promote bands that perform live every weekend... Starlight has created two new mediums for our clients to enjoy within each band's page. The first type is our Studio and Live Events demos (samples above on this page), which were filmed live in a recording studio. The band has recorded the music in advance, but the vocalist (or musician) is 100% performing live (in front of a colored backdrop) with the cameraman standing 5 feet from them. This footage allows us to explore many various styles of music in rapid-fire succession, showing the versatility of the performers. While they are singing in the studio, we have also overlaid footage of the bands performing at live events. This showcases the continuity of our personnel while also providing many opportunities to see what the bands look like at events. Or, our customers can choose to view the Live Concert Series. Last summer, over a 4 day period, this ambitious project was shot at Guastavino's in NYC. Each of our bands came in and performed a live concert that was captured and recorded 100% live! We built large, utopic stages for the bands, complete with full-scale lighting, while also incorporating multiple wardrobe changes. This footage shows the band in various configurations and gives users the chance to see them perform together as a unit. The best way to hire a band is always to see them live at an event, but if you find yourself trying to choose someone online, Starlight now provides you with the best and most detailed tools ever created. For fun, only one of our bands also recorded a large music video. It is so titled on the website... see if you can find it.


Live Music Production

Starlight Music is the highest possibility of what live music can be when geared for a private event. It is not a concert or a show, but an interactive experience that requires each band to constantly and seamlessly transition through songs, by organically interpreting the needs of each audience. Hiring an elite band with the proper talent and a deep passion for music, is one of the most crucial decisions for an event. Starlight is a live music production company designed for clients who understand the importance of great music and how deeply it impacts the overall success of an event. The excellence of our entertainers also extends to our devoted office team, who stand ready to help clients in producing an unforgettable evening. If you need the best NYC Wedding Band or a Live Music Act that rivals Headline Entertainment, click on "Book a Demo" above!

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Make your event PERFECT

Our greatest pleasure comes from seeing your guests celebrating your momentous occasion. Especially because we know that it is a result of the months or years of hard work we have devoted to your event! Starlight's mission is to always exceed the expectations of our clients and Event Planners while making sure to provide a transparent and artistically conducive environment for our superstar performers. We strive to create a seamless experience for both our clients and talent, ensuring that everything is setup for the greatest possible success.


Artists who care

Part of our expertise is in finding, vetting and training performers who are at the top of the game and fit our very special criteria. These gifted artists work at the highest levels of the entertainment industry, and are the same people who have performed in Broadway shows and on tour with major headline acts. Because of our high standards, we need a diverse roster of dedicated entertainers who stay with their band to create a tight, unified show, every single time. Another important part of our job is to nurture these singers and musicians so they will gladly apply their 10, 20 or even 30 years of experience to the success of your event.


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